About US

NuGen Quantum Fit (NQF) is a one of a kind Fitness Studio delivering a comprehensive atmosphere of training to all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Headed by Master Trainer Neha Sheth Mehta (Reebok Instructor Alliance), we at NQF strive to bring together energy and motivation to create an experience of group and personal training that this city has never seen before. Our studio is equipped with state of the art facility designed to be effective, irrespective of gender, experience or fitness level. All our specifications right from the flooring to the equipment that we use, has been carefully selected keeping only one thing in mind – YOU. We customize exercises and fitness routines for each of our clients that vary in difficulty and intensity, providing every individual a challenging yet fulfilling experience. We have a variety of fitness programs to offer you that include but not limited to Step & Floor Cardio, Weight Training and Bodyweight Training, HIIT, Tabata Training, Circuit Training, Kickboxing and Pilates.

Meet our Founder - Neha Sheth Mehta

After more than a decade in the Fitness field, my definition of training is: “making your MIND comfortable with the fact that your BODY is going to be a little uncomfortable”.Getting people out of their physical and mental comfort zones is what I strive for. I can’t make someone want to get stronger, leaner or fitter, but if they want to do it, I’m with them all the way! At NQF, I ensure that these positive changes happen

Neha, besides being a certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and a Health Coach is amongst the very few, Reebok Instructor Alliance (RIA) certified Master Trainers in India. This means that she regularly holds classes at NQF for new students who want to be RIA certified Trainers.

Neha is also an ACSM – CPT (American College of Sports Medicine) certified trainer and also a MFT (Master Functional Trainer- Functional Training Institute of Australia). She also holds a Black Belt in Karate.