Corporate Wellness Program

The need of the hour in today’s business environment is not only to attract and retain the best and the brightest, but also healthy people. This means providing them with an environment and the resources to perform at their optimum. Companies are now discovering the positive benefits of providing workplace fitness programs. These programs not only contribute to the overall health of the employees, but also empower them to deal with stressful situations more effectively. These fitness programs are an inexpensive way to boost productivity, lower healthcare cost and increase morale, while keeping the employees happy.

We at NQF under the aegis of Corporate Wellness Program develop fitness programs and conduct events and workshops that focus on the unique and specific needs of the company and its employees who work in large scale and goal oriented environments. Our fitness programs will resonate with the employees and deliver real results. We at NQF have a team of fitness professionals and certified expert trainers for this very purpose.

Our Solutions include


Fitness Programs:

We develop very detailed, flexible and customized fitness programs for employees willing to go that extra mile. This requires them to fill up a detailed questionnaire, which helps our team of expert and certified trainers understand and evaluate the following:
• Current fitness levels
• Fitness Goals
• Assessment of health issues

Fitness Programs can be conducted either as a Group Class or as a Personal Training

1. Group Class:
Our group classes are very popular amongst our corporate clients. Herein we arrange for an instructor to teach at your facility on a frequency basis of your choice.

Our Group Training Class covers but is not limited to the following Fitness Regimes:
• Cardio Training
• Strength and Endurance Building
• Functional Training and Cross Fit
• Yoga
• Forms of Martial Arts
• Relaxation and Cool Down

2. Personal Training:
This is a very goal specific training regime for an individual or for a small group of similar individuals having common goals like
• Body Toning
• Body Building
• Increased cardio vascular endurance


Fitness Events:

Our Fitness events bring out the best in your employees while also bringing them together. Herein we aim to enhance interpersonal rapport and team building with activities such as
• Zumba Sessions
• Team Building Fitness Games
• Team Based Boot Camp Activities


Fitness Workshops:

Our workshops could be designed as a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly program as per the company’s requirement. Herein we conduct Mental Wellness and Wellbeing programs.